Time for (climate) change

Dial M For Merthyr believes its time for the current club to follow the lead of the pioneers of 1908 and consider a change of sport at Penydarren Park.

A bold move maybe, but with the current cold weather becoming normal for this time of year its becoming increasingly obvious that other forms of entertainment are needed at PP to keep the turnstiles turning and the bank account healthy.

Our solution? Schedule all matches away for January. Hire the local fire brigade to take a few thousand gallons of water from the Taff, after carefully extracting any neglected shopping trolleys, and flood Penydarren Park. Allow mother nature to do her work.


Its so obvious really, we welcome the birth of the town’s new ice hockey team.

We just need a snappy name now.

The Merthyr White Socks anyone?


Dr Obnoxious said…
Tydfil Tornados for me.
Suntan Sammy said…
East Merthyr Erections?

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