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Blackpool Rock

We hit a puddle in Strensham services at 50 miles an hour. At that point the water tumbled down every window the minibus. Everyone gasped and grabbed their seat, confident that we were about to crash and meet our maker. Everyone except the driver, Seagrent Bufoonery himself, Nigel H – His squeal of excitement as he nearly killed all 15 of us pierced the air. We’d only been on the bus about 5 hours and still had a good 90 minutes left to get home. Blackpool is a bloody long way and Hulby is a mad driver. We’d set off at 6am the previous morning. I waited at the end of my street and the players bus passed me, excited faces in every window. The Noise bus then passed me and the occupants gave me a variety of the Vicks and Nescafe signals – my life was in tatters. Pingu’s daft face was the next to greet me, he was 20 minutes late, but we had all day. I got on the bus and Hulby passed me a can. Morrison’s finest export at 6.30am was unique. If you have an iron deficiency in your life forge…

Chairman Mao’s - Pointless things at PP. A long running series of One!!!

1.Walk out music – we’re all still in the bar 2.Half time presentations – we’re back in the bar 3.Entry ticket – or should we be keeping them to guarantee that FA Cup 3rd Round ticket? 4.The memorial garden – remember your loved ones and inhale the exhaust fumes 5.Stewards – really?

Walk on the Wild Side by Wandering

As the semi-darkness gradually turned into daylight, this would be the last chance to rest those legs that would certainly be really weary by dusk based on the route chosen by MikeD via Google maps for the Club’s annual sponsored walk.
There would be a slight de-tour for Wayne, who kindly drove our group of supporters to the start point, as we climbed Heolgerrig Hill to collect his Lordship Mark Evans on the way to the start point.
Leaving Tal-Y-Bont village we crossed the Brecon and Monmouthshire Canal before starting a 3 kilometre climb involving 400 metres of ascent to the east of Tal-Y-Bont Reservoir, initially joining the Beacons Way. The vista stretching below us was just another spectacular example of the wonderful countryside that we are extremely fortunate to live so close to.
The drought conditions and lack of any precipitation for the previous few months had started to have an affect on the level of water in the reservoir, but it still look majestic in the Glyn Collwn valley b…

Yes Cymru by Chairman Mao

The Welsh Premier League (WPL) article in the last issue lit a very slow fuse but eventually the idea that Merthyr Town fans could debate the future of their club exploded on social media. A debate on where the Martyrs should play seemed too much for many Merthyr fans and a minority of Welsh pyramid enthusiasts never really got to grips with the fact that the FAW has never set out the criteria for any “exile” club to enter the current domestic game.
Nothing of note has changed since the last fanzine was ignored on the terraces at Penydarren Park. At the AGM in February (?) there will be a motion presented to the members referring to the benefits of both Welsh and English systems and the sustainability of Merthyr Town as a competitive club in the future.
We laid out many of the financial advantages of joining the WPL. We mentioned that MTFC has never gone into exile and won its appeal in 1989 and so should be allowed direct access to the WPL albeit with the required domestic licence se…

One day in '87 in the merry month of May... author unknown from issue 30

Thursday 21" May 1987 - a day that will be etched in the memories of all Martyrs worldwide. A Chris Baird penalty wins the 100'" Welsh Cup Final for Merthyr Tydfil FC and gives them the opportunity to compete with the cream of European football in the 87/B8 Cup Winners Cup. Thirteen years on and this momentous day still appears' in my meandering mind, virtually on a daily basis. Living in the past, maybe. Cardiff City have been doing that for the last 73 years. They are also living in the future; big club, massive potential, should be in the First Division etc. Well, us lot 24 miles up the A470 are more realistic in our ambitions...
The departure of Gary Wager signified the end of an era. With the last member of the Welsh Cup winning side now departed it gives us the opportunity to look at each member of the side from that glorious day in May 1987 and ask the question - Where are they now?

1. Gary Wager- stalwart keeper and my Martyr of the Millennium. Sacked by MTAFC…

A Summer of Football by Chairman Mao

Wales will not be in Russia this summer. There’s plenty of people who probably think that it’s a good thing as they didn’t fancy being chased by some Neanderthal thugs around St Petersburg just because they’re bedecked head to toe in Spirit of 58 clobber. Of course that is nonsense as we would love to be there. The Russians will be great hosts and their vodka is very good. So what are we going to do in the summer?
France 2016 has set the bar high and can we really sit back and watch from afar again as a Finals tournament meanders through June into July? We’ve been at the heart of a tournament and now I want more, there’s a song lyric by some obscure band that notes “If I hadn’t seen such riches, I could live with being poor” and that’s it really we’ve been to the top table and now we can’t watch on.
So what to do? No amount of big screen action in the Red Flag Bar is going to cut it really so we need a distraction, something that we can get behind and support through to the end. It’s no…

A change of direction by Chairman Mao

The recent financial issues at our beloved club have certainly focussed many of us on the realities of running a semi-professional football team in a leisure market saturated by live TV sport, Vue cinema and the many retail parks in the borough laying siege to what little expendable money we have in our Merthyr Tydfil pockets.
We’ve ploughed a lone furrow for decades in the grass is greener English non-league pyramid but with a new dawn of football austerity on the horizon perhaps we need to cross the rubicon and consider plying our wares in Wales.
The idea will be emotive and will almost certainly find few in agreement around Penydarren Park but this decision must be taken with the head and not the heart and be based on a sustainable future for the club and not be set due to the comfort of what we know.
So how do we sustain a semi-professional football team to represent our town? And what is the purpose of our football club?
You can argue that the current policy of maintaining a membersh…

A Time for Reflection by Chairman Mao

All good things come to an end. That seems to be a widely held belief. Earlier this season I wrote that I was stopping my usual pilgrimage to Penydarren Park but then came the great crash of November 2017. Once again it was time to man the barricades and save the club we love. The age-old tale of ousting carpet-baggers and steadying the good ship Merthyr Town.
I think that Merthyr Town supporters distrust peace and prefer conflict so when the call came to defend the club everyone rallied around.
It felt different though this time. A much-maligned group of fans holding a public meeting, staging events and raising funds whilst others watched on and came to meetings to criticise the group’s leisure choices. 
The current subject of debate on social media is whether the fans’ groups are too involved, too invested in the fabric of the club, maybe we expect too much of our fellow fans, possibly we over react when another event fails due to lack of support. Perhaps we should calm down and accept …

Dial M for Merthyr - Podcast - Episode 001

After we beat St Ives 3-2 at PP this afternoon, the Dial M posse were enthused enough to produce it's first audio Podcast. Join Mikey D, Wolvesy, Bennett and Pingu as they discuss the events of the day.
It was our first effort and we'll try and up the quality and improve our ability to talk a bit slower over the next few episodes (Its the valleys and we love to machine gun our words) - but for now, ENJOY!!!!

Nick Deacy - MTFC, PSV and FAW. by Wolvesy

Nick Deacy was one of those players that my Dad would talk about with reverence, he arrived at Penydarren Park, scored goals for fun under John Charles and then left for Hereford but it’s what he did next that makes him one of our most successful players. Nick Deacy signs for PSV Eindhoven, wins the UEFA Cup and plays for Wales. We’ve tried to track down Nick down for a few years now as part of our Ex-players Day event but with no luck but a recent (and excellent) Radio Wales programme with Steffan Guero finally got us in touch and so one cold evening I went into deepest Cardiff to meet the man who was discovered by John Charles and replaced John Toshack for a while in the Wales team.
Nick and his lovely wife Frankeline (I hope I’ve spelt that properly!) were amazing hosts and we spent a hour or so just discussing football in general and now and then I tried to ask a question relevant to the Martyrs, so here goes;
Who saw you play for Cardiff Corries and signed you? I was playing in the …

Merthyr Town and my part in its downfall by Wolvesy

The current paranoia running through the 1st floor of the Price Strand folly at Penydarren Park seems not to be concerned with how Merthyr Town gets out of its current financial crisis but more about how a very small percentage of its loyal support spends their hard-earned loot on Saturdays.
Quite why the antics of a group of lads drinking in a tiny pub would affect a business with the turnover of Merthyr Town escapes us all but I’m trying to make sense of it by challenging my own part in this dastardly plan to close a much-loved football club.
I’m not that big a drinker anymore, I’m getting old, the hangovers last forever and my mental health comes first. However on a Saturday I still enjoy a couple of scoops prior to kick off in the Park View. I probably spend more on the jukebox than in booze but that’s just the way it is now. I go to that pub because of the atmosphere, the banter and of course the music.
I used to play darts for the Football Club and during the club’s season of exil…