Open letter to Merthyr Town Supporters

An Open Letter To Merthyr Town Football Supporters – a message from your wives, girlfriends, husbands, boyfriends and families.

We understand.  Monday is a big, big day. 
Some of us – and I especially include myself here - don’t get football, don’t understand the offside rule, don’t know what leagues Merthyr, Swansea, or even Manchester United are in.  We’ve watched with gently mocking bemusement over the years as you meet the end of season with a either a deep and often unshakable depression or manic glee.

But we understand - Monday is a big, big day. 

Here’s the thing though.  It’s not just a big day for the supporters and the team.  Over recent years we’ve travelled with you on this rollercoaster.  We were there in the early days when you had no real stake in the club and watched helplessly at the unfolding results.  We held our collective breath when you took the first tentative steps toward independence, challenging self-interest and incompetence – never wavering from your commitment to your football team.  We listened to the endless debates of decisions around the club going into administration or the alternatives and what that would mean for your beloved football team.  A few of us even temporarily joined your belligerence in risking our homes and savings in the process.  As a result of the decision to drop the Club three leagues, we even found things to do on long bank holiday weekends while you travelled to new and – in the main - interesting places, populated by the new divisions you found yourselves in.  

We’ve also admired your endless commitment to giving your time, expertise, passion - and often money to the cause you love.  It’s this passion that has not just inspired us but the whole of Merthyr.  It’s not just your loved ones who are behind you on Monday – it is all of Merthyr.  On Saturdays, when we’re shopping in town, the occasional roar from the Park is accompanied by the raising of heads, eyes meeting and the smiles of people going about their business saying “the Martyrs have scored”.    Saving the Football Club has the raised the spirits of everyone in Merthyr and for that - especially because of the difficult times we find ourselves in – we are grateful.

So, on Monday, we will pace around the house, waiting for a text or twitter update on the score – to find out if your journey has come full circle.  Some of us will sit in our gardens where possible and listen for the roar of the crowd echoing around the valley.   Others will find something to occupy themselves with to try and take minds off your big, big day.
But whatever happens on Monday, we want you to know something.  You’ve already won. 

 Why?   #weownourfootballclub. 


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