Merthyr Town supporters test

So how big a Merthyr Town fan are you? Are you a Super fan? How would we judge the merits of individual fans if we needed to award medals for services to the Black & White (and Green & Red of course) heroes who grace the lush carpet at Penydarren Park?


Hulby has come up with the following competency test for you to complete to see where you fit in the pantheon of great fans who have stood on the Wank Bank over the decades.


Where do you come in the Martyr Test?



Attended a MTFC home match                                                  1

Attended a MTFC away match                                                   2

Own a Black & White scarf                                                           1

Own a Green & Red scarf                                                             2

Attended the Atalanta match                                                    1

Attended Hungerford play-off match                                     2

Current season ticket holder                                                      1

Co-owner of Merthyr Town                                                        3

Been to a Youth Team match                                                      1

Have attended a whole season of home games                 5

Watched a FAW Premier Cup home game                            1

Watched a FAW Premier Cup away game                             2

Sponsored a player’s shirt                                                           3

Travelled on the players’ team bus                                         2

Converted friends into MTFC fans                                           2

You were a Junior Martyr                                                             1

Have posted on the MTFC Message Board                            1

Buy the Merthyr Express to follow MTFC                              0

Have sat in the Main Stand                                                          1

Dai Miles Stand regular                                                                 2

Bovril drinker                                                                                    2

Tea drinker                                                                                         1

Can name the Welsh Cup winning team of 87                    3

Started a chant at away game                                                    2

Started a chant at home game                                                   3

Join in chants                                                                                    1

Have named a child after a MTFC great                                  5

Have named a pet after a MTFC great                                     3

Travelled to Telford for the SD Cup match                           1

Got into trouble for missing school/work to see a game               2

Attended a game despite being ill                                          1

Worn your MTFC shirt at a non MTFC game                          1

Know all the words to “I know a lassie!”                                               2

Buy a 50/50 ticket every home game                                      1


0-20       Jeff Lissaman, what are you doing here?

21-30     Craig Lima, only for the good times, disappears in a crisis

31-40     Dean Clarke, committed to the cause

46-55     Steve Williams, leading by personal example

56-62     Lyn Jones, club legend


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