The birth of the Trust


Nathan and Ryan were fast asleep by the time we got to Tredegar. Mr Evans (Wolvesy) and I were chatting about the upcoming Wolves v Fulham game at Molineux.

Then the Wolfman, just happened to drop into our conversation; “Tell me Mark, what’s your opinion on supporters trusts?”

“Well, I’m not very familiar with the concept, Mark, to be honest, why do you ask?” It was clear from Mr Evans’ response that; he was very well read and extremely familiar with supporters groups, and the notion of Football Trusts, (no surprise there) and their involvement in Football Clubs.

Whilst the two unexcitable Wolves supporters slept soundly in the back of the car, we formulated a plan, as to how we could get the fans and board at MTFC to support the idea of; fans having an input into the running of the club and helping to raise revenue for the club.

“We will need to elect a committee, and we will need a decent chairman, any ideas?” he teased. When the penny dropped, I offered my services, and agreed that if fans were happy, I would put myself forward for the chair.

We decided to call a fans meeting, to discuss the prospect, and then to approach the board.

After a couple of successful meetings a committee was elected, bringing together fans, representing different groups of the club, Supporters Club, Travel Club, Bar Boys, Dial M etc.

In the early days it was a bit of a struggle to raise funds and awareness, of what we were trying to achieve. But, as we now know “We own our club,” all through the hard work of dedicated and devoted fans. Merthyr Town is now a very well run (by the fans for the fans and the club as a whole) football club.
I feel proud to have been there, at the conception, and for the following five years, of this, extremely, worthwhile and very successful venture and look forward to the future success of Merthyr Town Football Club. I wish the club great success for the future.
Nathan and Ryan woke up at Molineux, we watched Wolves beat Fulham 2-1, and on the way back Mark Evans and myself, listened to the snoresof the sleeping beauties all the way back to Gods own town.

Mark Collins.


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