The Samuel Wightman tragedy by Chairman Mao

Samuel Wightman (1887-1912)

The pen-pics for the fledgling Merthyr Town team before the 1909/10 season. The team includes Sam Wightman who is described as a left-back. Sam was born near Whitehaven in Cumbria at the end of 1887. Little is known of Sam’s early career and within twelve months he was at Luton Town playing in derby matches against Watford over Christmas 1910. Sam seems to have settled in Bedfordshire as he is still at Luton the following season. Tragedy strikes though in April 1912 at Brighton & Hove Albion as a late challenge by Fred Goodwin for the home side catches Sam Wightman in the stomach. Sam died from peritonitis and shock following a rupture to his small intestine. At the inquest Goodwin was exonerated from all blame as the Coroner stated “that the kick was done purely accidentally”.


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