Rebels to a Very Lost Cause by Wandering

For many of us Tuesday, 10th October 2017 will live long in our memories, but for all the wrong reasons! But as the events on the night started to unfold I could only cast my mind back to Dr. Kuber-Ross’s 5 step model of coping with loss - titled ‘Dealing with the Grim Reaper’ an article published in Issue 53.
To be four nil up at half time and to lose five-four you have to ask yourself how on earth did that happen. How did Slough Town achieve the unthinkable? How did they manage to overturn a four-goal deficit and win the match in second half stoppage time?
It is a result which left many lost for words, not least the Martyrs supporters. Joint Rebels manager Neil Baker exclaimed “I don't think you'll ever see a game of football like it in your life”.
Were we heading in Mikey D’s words ‘on the journey to our inevitable mediocrity’? Unlikely, as we were ‘burning like a supernova’ in the first half!
The Martyrs were in front after five minutes through Ian Traylor with Mo Touray doubling our lead soon after. Things continued to go downhill for Slough, as we added a third on 19 minutes, through a Mark Nisbet own goal. Two minutes later, our lead was stretched to four as Traylor capitalized on a ricochet to score his second. We also hit the woodwork before half time. So not even a hint of any ‘Denial’ (Step 1) that we were the better side in the first forty-five minutes.
The Rebels joint managers asked their players to show some pride in the second half, and five minutes in Nathan Smart pulled a goal back with tremendous venom from outside the box. Chris Flood added a second for the visitors after an hours play. This was where we started to feel the ‘Anger’ welling up inside (Step 2).
After conceding five at Kettering on Saturday, the inevitable atmosphere was becoming uncomfortable on the terraces. A third for the visitors after 72 minutes, through a Warren Harris half-volley brought Slough to within a goal of the Martyrs. We are ‘starting to walk on eggshells’ and ‘its becoming a minefield’ but we can survive the ‘Bargaining’ (Step 3) as we negotiate with ourselves that this isn’t really happening, although its actually taking place before our very eyes.
We all sensed that the inevitable was now on the cards, but as the clock slowly ticked away we did everything to slow down the pace of the game. But with a minute remaining, the scores were level as James Dobson headed past Oliver Davies to spark wild celebrations for the visitors.  This is when the ‘Depression’ (Step 4) really sets in as we enter ‘an emotional quagmire’ and descend into a ‘gloomy cesspit’ of ‘pergatory’. Yes, we’ve all been here before as a Martyr supporter.
As the game moved into stoppage time, Slough saw two efforts cleared off the line by Ashley Evans. That looked to have saved us a point, but in the third minute of time added on, a deflected shot beat Oliver Davies to cap an unlikely but incredible comeback. The final stage ‘Acceptance’ (Step 5) had been achieved. We have arrived ‘at the bottom rung of this bizarre ladder’.
With my sincere apologies to Mr Donovan, a self confessed ‘bottom dweller’.



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