Here’s a baton, who wants it? By Konrad Bartelski

Time waits for no man and of course time flies but aeroplanes crash. Nothing out of the ordinary there of course as it’s only death & me not winning the 50/50 draw that’s certain in life.
The Dial M for Merthyr crew have been aggressively (not to everyone’s taste on most occasions) promoting this club since 1989. Over the years we’ve set up various non-sensical ideas to try to make watching the mighty Martyrs more of an occasion; from beach parties to full kit wanker days; from Ryan Prosser beard day to Inflatables at Dorchester day; from away day bike rides to a boat ride up the Thames – we’ve done it all including of course this long-running fanzine.
Recently we’ve slowed down as the obvious effects of age and apathy have taken their toll. As we’ve mentioned elsewhere in this issue, next season will be one of celebration with plenty of landmark dates to target therefore we’ll try to repeat as many of our previous ideas over the course of the campaign.
The emergence of the MTFC On The Terraces group has revitalized a lot of our matches with confirmed travelers for each away game and a concerted effort to make more noise at home games so it’s only natural that their enthusiasm for the Martyrs be encouraged so many of next season’s projects will perhaps be run with or by the youngsters.
So if you’ve got an idea for a match-day fan engagement event, even a tifo, or maybe would like us to repeat an old classic day then please get in touch so we can work on the 2020/21 season.
It’s pretty pathetic to be over 50 and running around with an inflatable parrot on your shoulder so maybe it’s time to grow up but not quite yet.
Konrad Bartelski


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