Village People v. Banksy

The YMCA is apparently up for sale again for office space, it would indeed be a unique al fresco environment but after seeing the crazy pitch from Merthyr Village Ltd during the Holloway era we should never be surprised by the gullibility of people in this town.
The “lone gunmen” currently running our council have recently raised the interesting issue of graffiti on our derelict neighbour and their definition of acceptable street art versus a political scrawl – we were fascinated to discover that an aligned group of independents supports the protection of the red flag tag that welcomes fans to the bottom of the Pontmorlais Steps.
We’re buying lots of lottery tickets at the moment and Hulby & Lloyd Fear are going on Pointless as we look to raise money to buy the YMCA building.
Why? Well thanks for asking, we’re looking back into our local history to resurrect a sport that once attracted thousands to big challenge matches around the Valleys. The YMCA façade to remain in place but behind the Victorian design we would build a new Handball court open to Park Terrace with bench seating for the dozens of spectators expected to witness this forgotten game that was unique to this part of the industrial world.
The back wall of the court would also be a safe space for street art with a whitewash every month to encourage fresh and interesting artwork from within Merthyr Tydfil.
This is of course highly unlikely and it’s pretty certain that our plan to supplement the current football activity at Penydarren Park will go the same way as our other ideas to change our raison d’etre from football to becoming a sports club and hopefully attracting new members to enjoy pêtanque and skittles.
We have no money but we have ambition and can always dream.
Metal Mickey


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