The day Roger should have been sacked... 1999

14th September 1999 - the day Roger Gibbins, as soon as he stepped onto the team bus after the game away to Newtown in the FAW cup, should have been sacked as manager of Merthyr Tydfil FC. Basically the performance at Latham Park that evening was shocking. A 1-0 defeat against a Newtown side who, on the night were the better team even though they played most of the game with ten men and the majority of the second half with nine players. That was bad shit. It was also evident from that match how totally inept Haydn Fleming was as a 'footballer'; this guy was a professional once, he's now with Maesteg Parc. Enough said I think.

But the big pisser of the night was the non-appearance of the Merthyr players & officials in the Newtown clubhouse after the game. The only excuse I can think of on their behalf is that they were embarrassed that they had been outplayed, outfought & were found wanting tactically against a LOW side. If Gibbo had any bollocks at all he would have instructed all personnel associated with Merthyr Tydfil FC to walk into the clubhouse, have a pint, a bite to and subsequently congratulate Newtown FC on an excellent performance.

What actually happened was a disgrace. The Dial 'M' posse who went for a beer after the game were confronted by an angry Newtown chairman who wanted to know where all the Merthyr Tydfil players were. When told that they had jumped on the bus and buggered off home to MT then a few expletives were uttered. As well as the hospitality that was laid on there was also an award that Newtown intended on presenting to the Merthyr man of the match.

Overall, for the Merthyr supporters left at Latham Park after the game it was embarrassing to say the least. The Newtown board of directors awarded the man of the match trophy to the representatives of Dial 'M' For Merthyr who were still left enjoying the free scoff & booze that was intended for Merthyr Tydfil FC. By 11.30pm, when we eventually left Mid Wales, things were looking cool through our alcohol-tinted glasses.

It didn't take much longer for the powers that be at MTAFC to see what a totally inept manager RG was and basically sacked him, albeit via an ultimatum. Nevertheless, in my opinion the night of the 14th September 1999 was when he should have been sacked, not just on his lack of managerial ability...


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