This Town..... ahhh ahhhhh

No matter what they do in there, it always turns to shit. So the question is, will the Punjabi Junction still be trading in 12 months. Firstly, I’ve not been there and it’s still early days from the business. So it may be really nice and the food could be Michelin star, but nothing lasts in that location for more than a few months. They do the place up, the grand opening, then six months later, the grand closing.
R&Ms, The Rooms, Hamiltons, etc have occupied the fine old building. Ahh the list goes on. The only successful business to ever flourish in that building was the Vietnamese guys that got busted growing the largest haul of marijuana in South Wales history. It was no coincidence that we had many a floodlight failure when they were growing the weed there. The smell as you passed there after the match was pretty special too.
This got me thinking, maybe the building isn’t just in a crappy spot. No real footfall and no place for customers to park. Maybe the actual building is cursed. Maybe John Reddy murdered an outgoing manager in there. One who didn’t quite cut the mustard at The Park. Let’s be honest, has anyone ever seen Gearld Aplin since he was hastily fired. I rest my case!!!
And then I got to think, there are a few building in the town that probably have a similar curse placed over them. These buildings are like serial killers to a business. The corner shop building at the top of Pontmorlais by The Rink. It’s currently a pizza parlour (at least it was on Monday, I’ve not checked since). But in the last five years it’s been a cake shop, dry cleaners, pet groomers, and a cheap loan shop.
The old YMCA building has had around 10 owners in the last two decades. The building gets bought to wild fanfares of what they will turn the place into,  scaffolding goes up, the building gets made safe, the scaffolding goes down, nothing opens, the weeds start growing out of the brickwork and the building gets sold. Then repeat. The building is cursed. This goes for the General Hospital, Flooks, and most of the shops on Brecon Raod.
Maybe it is just a sign of the times, business is difficult or it could be that these buildings are all situated within a stones throw of a certain football club. A behemoth of a business behaving like the Absorbaloth from Dr Who, sucking all the life force, ambition, creativeness and joy from the buildings.
Yes I think we all know nothing good can come from MTFC.


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