Is democracy dead? by Mao

The biggest threat to democracy is apathy. Merthyr Town FC is infected by apathy. The indifference of so many of our fans to how our club is governed is worrying but not unexpected as a decade has passed with little fan engagement and therefore no anticipation of responsibility for the future.

The recent election to form a Board to run our club’s affairs resulted in only five nominations so we now must co-opt two unelected members in order to meet our constitution’s rules.

The point of this article was to look at ways to move the supporter-owner franchise forward at Penydarren Park, to seek ideas to once again spark debate within the club and to make the survival of our fragile social enterprise a top priority for all fans of the Martyrs but to be honest what’s the point? We’ll never be able to overturn the conservative approach ingrained in this club’s DNA.

Experiments to use the club’s unique selling point as a fan-owned club and to buy into the town’s socialist heritage have floundered without a central strategy owned by everyone at our club.
That struggle is over. We must accept that being beige is the future for us. Just another club amongst thousands without any unique characteristics.

We once tried to sell Merthyr Town FC as the first Anarchist club in Wales. A club based on different groups working independently for the collective good of the whole organization.
In reality we should have advertised Merthyr Town FC as the first Apathetic club in Wales.

We do apathy well.
Chairman Mao


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