Crossroads by Colin Davies

Amongst the laughter, pints and general celebrations from the news that our erstwhile Chief Executive had left the club there came a realisation that we had reached another of those crossroads that will hopefully direct us over the horizon to where we want to arrive or could divert us to the purgatory of endless yo-yoing between divisions as the crowds dwindle to nothing under the leadership of blazer bores who judge a season by the best food at an away club boardroom. 
As the social media keyboard warriors declared; “ding dong, the witch is dead”, but behind the harsh humour the main question remained unanswered – what happens now? Once again we saw the usual information vacuum from the Board, from the badly worded and insipid press statement to the familiar disappearance from our Chairman. 
Does Merthyr Town FC have a crisis strategy? If so it shouldn’t include the head man, the face of the club, our leader disappearing as soon as the questions rain down from our most important stakeholder; the fans. Although if you post a rumour on the Forum about his position then he responds immediately to defend it.
It seems that the club set a date for a fans’ forum only in reaction to a solitary tweet. No context to the meeting was made but now 3rd August has become a challenge to those who have no voice in the boardroom; the fans, who of course allegedly own the club. Come and have a go if you think you’re smart enough seems to be call.
Instead of releasing a copy of the business review, or at least an understandably edited version, or even a statement from the Chairman on the state of the club, the onus is on us as fans to question the “supporter liaison officers” (the Chairman may be there or he may not) to ascertain the answers that we all urgently need. No matter that fans may be on holiday, heading to the cricket, working or living away from Merthyr. Are there plans to stream the meeting on Facebook Live? Can we send questions via social media on the night?
The silence is deafening.


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