Desert Anyone - By Newbie

Having shared my review of Indians and Kebab Houses in Merthyr for fine dining with you, I was left with what next?  Fish and chip shops, no point really as the Dolphin is the clear winner.  Pizza shops, we have Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa Johns so not much choice there.  Chinese, well not a fan of Chinese food.  I’m full to the guts straight after it, then starving 2 hours later.  So I settled on the idea of sharing my thoughts on what deserts Merthyr has to offer.

5) McDonalds McFlurry ice-cream – Available across the globe, but where else will you get one with a friendly smile from someone who you hope rather than expected they washed their hands after going to the toilet. The only downside to this, well you have to visit a McDonalds.

4) Walls soft scoop Vanilla Ice-cream (from Tesco’s) – The perfect way to get an ice-cream headache is to consume a full tub of Wall’s finest. A bit over the top you may think, but it’s so moreish.

3) Greggs’ custard slice – A delicious delicacy, but can be hazardous.  The way that it sticks to your fingers can cause you to bite them as you eagerly ensure you get full value for your money.  Always best to have some plasters on stand-by.

2) Tesco’s tiramisu – The packaging says to feed 2-4 people. Mmm well not this reviewer, and I have put in a complaint for false advertising.  The combination of coffee, amaretto liqueur and whipped cream will rival any offering from a Michelin Restaurant.

1) Greggs’ chocolate éclair – Merthyr is twinned with the French Town Clichy-la-Garenne, an industrial suburb of Paris. And this exquisite piece of French delicacy is just about the only link we have with our French comrades these days.  A stunning desert, with cream too die for.  Funny though, I had an éclair in Tours in France, and it did not taste as good as the Greggs version.

As you can see desert choices are all from nationwide stores, as the independent shops have been driven away from our town by those evil corporate fat cats we all love to hate.
In the next edition I will reveal the best place to get a Bacon Roll from in Merthyr.


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