New signing at PP ........ from 1992

Exclusive - Major Signing At The Park
It was revealed today that Merthyr Tydfil F.C. have been involved in another shock signing. Sources inform us that Fred Arscott has signed a new tea bag. Yes, that's right a new tea bag!

When interviewed Mr Arscott explained that he first spotted the aforementioned tea bag in Tesco's late one afternoon but had been put off by the expensive price tag wanted for the services of the tea bag. "I couldn't sleep all night. I just had to have that tea bag. It's just the one needed to make the tea bar the best in the country. It was a bit pricey but I didn't care in the end so I broke the bank and went straight to the shop in the morning and bought it!". Said the excited Mr Arscott.

DMFM are led to believe that the tea bag will make its debut for the Dartford game. We will also be watching this promising youngster closely in the future and will keep you posted.

The tea bar on the Wank Bank we are told will be selling the new Penydarren Park Kebab this season. It's a new invention, which is seven pasties on a skewer.

Happy Eating!!


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