David "Twiggy" Jones by Wolvesy

David Jones, known by all who knew him as Twiggy started watching the Martyrs during the 70s with a group of mates, mostly from the Gurnos, who never missed a game home or away. In those early days he was one of those lads sitting behind the goals on the grass watching his heroes, if the lads were moved on by the club committee then he would be found on the Theatre End grass bank. In the 80s there was always a bus trip to follow the Martyrs on a Saturday and Twiggy was always a stalwart of that scene, he always seemed to have a copy of the latest music press with him and he knew all the new bands and their lyrics. Twiggy knew all about Boy George and Culture Club well before anyone in Merthyr Tydfil. Twiggy was quiet but was never one to back down when challenged and many a time he was around to defend our club. Over the seasons it was an integral part of match-day at Penydarren Park to listen to Twiggy confirming the day’s results off the TV even though we could all see them already. His knowledge of the teams was amazing; he was the Jeff Stelling of his day. His last minute directions for away games were part and parcel of every bus trip; there was a lot of pre-match drinking time saved by Twiggy over the years. Cycling was his other love and he was a regular sight during the summer months around the roads and lanes of South Wales. He was fit and fearless on his bike. The Supporters Trust once organised a bike ride to Bristol to raise much needed funds for the club. The volunteers struggled to complete the journey in two days but Twiggy breezed the journey in a morning which put us all to shame. When the fanzine returned to print recently Twiggy contributed articles based on his cycling trips to watch the Martyrs around the West Country. Lately he had started to watch Wales both home and away and he had a reputation for reaching the more far-flung destinations via some interesting routes. He was a football fan first and foremost and Saturday was the focal part of his week and if he wasn’t watching his beloved Martyrs then he could be found at any one of our local Welsh League grounds; Pontypridd Town being a particular favourite. David Jones was a top bloke who will be missed by everyone at Penydarren Park but will always be remembered. RIP Twiggy.


Dr Obnoxious said…
Lovely words Wolves. Twiggy will be missed by all of us at PP.
RIP mate.

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