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The Return

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, it’d been a while since I had flirted with the old lady, would she still be there? The same old place, the same time, the same welcome? I wandered up the Park Terrace, hands pushed deep into my pockets against the winter chill, I daren’t raise my head into the harsh wind that blew down the avenue, lest the inevitable tears be mistaken for grief. I was aware of my companions, their resolute foot-steps echoed through the ages, how many times had I bound up past St. Mary’s a black & white rosette pinned for ever to my heart? Now in my mature years I feel a duty not to get emotional about arriving at Penydarren Park, seasons may change but time stands still on the corner of the Tregenna, young Davey Martin is always the first to greet me, it’s a tradition really, I’ve walked around and made a fresh run at the gates if David has been called away. Some things just have to be right. Neil the Gate takes the loot, we discuss today’s horse or may


I went to Aberdare today, you know just to gain a perspective on life at Merthyr. Snake Valley in the autumn, the leaves were falling fast in Llwydcoed as my bus inched its way to the Valley floor, but the town centre was busy despite the late hour of the day. Wandered around the Market, freshly baked welsh-cakes, perfection indeed, followed by a quarter of winter-warmers, it couldn’t be more old skool!. Not a bad day out to be fair. I may go back.

Spaghetti in Bologna

After an inept performance in Zurich against an average Swiss side another away fixture against an Italian team who were, at the time, pissing the group, was never going to be easy. In the grand scheme of matters it didn't really make much difference what the outcome of the game was as Denmark at 'home' four days later was the big one. But, the manner of the defeat in the game in Bologna was the most disappointing factor; if it had not been for a phenomenal display by Paul Jones in the Stadio Dell'Arra that night then could easily have been a double figure deficit that separated Wales from the Azzuri. Nevertheless it gave opportunity for a Dial 'M' For Merthyr mini Summer holiday to the Emilia Romagna region of Italy - a city that has modelled its pasta on the naval of Venus. A 1.30am start from MT; Councillor Griffiths, President Mytton, Wingnut, Emma and myself were the intrepid explorers on this occasion, with the Councillor drawing the short straw of being d

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Bad Middle Names - First in a series of one

Paul RONALD Keddle and Michael RONALD Jones. Merthyr's Two Ronnies .

GLADIATORS a tale from the end of the last millennium

The site of the Roman fortress is where the Coliseum of Penydarren Park now stands. Many gladiators have graced this magnificent monument that was subsequently reconstructed for a battle with a European legion from the land of Julius Caesar. There are numerous tales told of the great gladiators and their generals who have graced the Emperors colours of black and white. The battles fought on the sacred turf of Penydarren Park have led to many spoils of war by the eleven gladiators that have been selected to represent our great legions. There were times when the Emperor was good, innovative, gentle, wise and most of all a great leader of men. Most people knew that the poor folk called supporters were the lifeblood of the kingdom that surrounded the sacred turf of the Coliseum, without whom nothing would exist, but very few listened to their wisdom, and very few still do. Sometimes the Emperor was unwise, being short sighted and only looking for his own glorification and after his own int

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Issue 08 is now online.....

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Funky sheep T-Shirts

Welsh Film Remakes

Dial M For Merthyr, the title is a spin on the film title, so this inspired a few more. Here's the list; 9½ Leeks Trefforest Gump Cwmando The Lost Boyos An American Werewolf in Powys Huw Dares Gwyneth Dai Hard The Wizard of Oswestry Cool Hand Look-you Sheepless in Seattle The Eagle has Llandudno The Magnificent Severn Haverfordwest Was Won Austin Powys The Magic Rhonddabout Independence Dai The Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch That Time Forgot Seven Brides from Seven Sisters The Bridge on the River Wye A Beautiful Mind-you Don't look Back in Bangor Evans Can Wait A Fishguard Called Rhondda Where Eagles Aberdare

God's Country - Part one in an occasional series

Moppy and Wolvesy in Dusseldorf this morning.

Election news

With Dial M having filled three berths on Merthyr council this year and with another by-election being fought by another member of the Dial M Party in two weeks, we are proud to announce that Hulby is also in the running for election as the next President of the USA. This Channel 3 report from the US charts how Nigel was plucked from obscurity to be a serious contender to McCain and Obama.

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Game On!

After two draws and two defeats the omens weren't looking good for a trip to Jenner Park in the quarter-final of the BBC Sports Department Flagship Tournament. Barry Town, about to retain their League of Wales title by a another massive margin, had scored 100+ league goals with Eifion Williams and Darren Ryan regularly on the score sheet. They had experienced players running through their squad. Recently though there had been a few hiccups: draws against Ebbw Vale and Rhayader Town had sown the seeds of doubt in the professional players minds, would they cope with Mitchell and Cohen’s pace? Could they penetrate the mean defending machine, marshalled by the revelation of the season - Neil O’Brien? The match, being screened live by BBC Wales, turned into a cracker. The Dial "M" Party Posse assembled at the now customary Twynyrodyn watering hole, The Baili Glas Inn, landlady Marilyn promised the boys curry and chips on return from the game. Quick pints, minibus arrives, traf

Dial M - Jib Jab fun - 2006

Typey, Wolvesey, Myton, Hulby and Wingnut get the Jib Jab treatment in 2007. Very funny.

What the ****ing hell are you wearing

Well done to Stade de France for this horror kit. Merthyr's 1995 testcard kit has finally been surpassed.


I was sat there watching the telly, just me and my woman sitting there relaxed, the only thing spoiling the chilled atmosphere is me switching back and forth from Page 307 of Ceefax, no score, no worries, just a rush of adrenalin each time the pages scroll through to that page, 0-1, Mitchell, me bouncing around the room, to the fridge, a couple of tins, BBC2, The Outer Limits - shit programme, back to the Ceefax, 1-1, Drewitt - I knew it, you don't release players of his enthusiasm and commitment, still it's a point, back to the outer limits and some stupid scientist morality tale. 9.47pm, I scroll through to page 307, "come on boys, a last minute winner " eh 2-1, not for them , Stafford win in last minute, depressed, back to fridge, clear the stock of lager, slumped and dazed, appeal to the great Chairman in the sky who replies, "I sent you Addison, what more do you want?" PURPLE CONES

Tired and Weary - 2000

With growing financial problems, dwindling crowds and an alarming lack of interest, is it time for one of the remaining members of the original "irate eight" to cut their losses, admit they were wrong and return "home" with their tail between their legs? At approximately 9.10 pm on February 16th 2000, Andy Morrell slotted home his seventh and Wrexham's eighth goal of the evening to round off a miserable and totally unjustifiably embarrassing night for Merthyr Tydfil Football Club and their dwindling band of supporters. I say evening but could easily have said season. I could have taken a broader view and said the last five years or so. The stark truth is that there is a strong possibility that our team could be playing Western Division football next year. From what I've seen this season we are certainly not too good to go down. There should be no excuses for what happened at the Racecourse Ground. The result was just a culmination of the mis-management and g


They say that revenge is sweet, and it doesn't come any sweeter than our 4-0 hammering of local rivals Newport Gounty on their own patch. With the papers predicting an easy win for the Gwent side, Skywalker's Martyrs turned up cast in the role of lambs to the slaughter. However, this was so far removed from the eventual truth, as the Nike boys handed out a lesson in football to an outclassed and outplayed Newport, which left their manager Tim Harris ln a terrible state. Having had his team reduced to a shambles by the P.P. crew, it was time for Tim to sample some rather large slices of humble pie ... and I bet he enjoyed every mouthful! From the off, we overwhelmed a bemused County side, winning every 50/50 ball available. Loss, Clarke and Carter controlled the midfield, which released Regan to torment the home defence with his blistering runs down the right flank. When Newport did win some possession, they soon gave it away, which left Thommo, Needs, Lima, Baddeley and Power a