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One day in '87 in the merry month of May... author unknown from issue 30

Thursday 21" May 1987 - a day that will be etched in the memories of all Martyrs worldwide. A Chris Baird penalty wins the 100'" Welsh Cup Final for Merthyr Tydfil FC and gives them the opportunity to compete with the cream of European football in the 87/B8 Cup Winners Cup. Thirteen years on and this momentous day still appears' in my meandering mind, virtually on a daily basis. Living in the past, maybe. Cardiff City have been doing that for the last 73 years. They are also living in the future; big club, massive potential, should be in the First Division etc. Well, us lot 24 miles up the A470 are more realistic in our ambitions... The departure of Gary Wager signified the end of an era. With the last member of the Welsh Cup winning side now departed it gives us the opportunity to look at each member of the side from that glorious day in May 1987 and ask the question - Where are they now? 1.  Gary Wager   - stalwart keeper and my Martyr of the Millennium. Sacked b