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Here’s a baton, who wants it? By Konrad Bartelski

Time waits for no man and of course time flies but aeroplanes crash. Nothing out of the ordinary there of course as it’s only death & me not winning the 50/50 draw that’s certain in life. The Dial M for Merthyr crew have been aggressively (not to everyone’s taste on most occasions) promoting this club since 1989. Over the years we’ve set up various non-sensical ideas to try to make watching the mighty Martyrs more of an occasion; from beach parties to full kit wanker days; from Ryan Prosser beard day to Inflatables at Dorchester day; from away day bike rides to a boat ride up the Thames – we’ve done it all including of course this long-running fanzine. Recently we’ve slowed down as the obvious effects of age and apathy have taken their toll. As we’ve mentioned elsewhere in this issue, next season will be one of celebration with plenty of landmark dates to target therefore we’ll try to repeat as many of our previous ideas over the course of the campaign. The emergence of the M

Forgotten songs #2

“Do you know where hell is? Hell is Westgate Street, Heaven is up in Merthyr where they play the ball to feet”

A vision of the future

Word has reached us that our Board has been meeting with the FAW regarding the possibility of Merthyr Town FC joining the Welsh pyramid system in the near future. There can be no issue with that, we need to understand the financial benefits to us giving up 111 years of history to make a leap of faith into the Cymru Leagues. Many of us remain unconvinced and the odds of the owners voting to abandon our current membership with a 75% majority, as per our constitution, must be pretty high.  If the FAW are looking for a repeat of Colwyn Bay’s damascene change of direction at Penydarren Park then they will need to convince us that they respect us and what we will need to leave behind in order to leave our spiritual home in the Southern League once and for all. It would seem that there is a steady stream on social media of Welsh football fans who think we are insane to continue our lonely furrow within the non-league scene in England. That is understandable. For every Merthyr Town fan the

Virus Update

“Penydarren Park is now a cashless stadium which just means we’re skint”

Forgotten legends by Mao.

1.       Greg Downs 2.       Phil Evans 3.       Alan Mullins 4.       Ian Love 5.       Nigel French 6.       Alan Sullivan 7.       Billy Walker 8.       Doug Rosser 9.       Cohen Griffith 10.   Paul Sanderson

Naughty away trips that we miss

1.       Barry Town 2.       Bromsgrove Rovers 3.       Dudley Town 4.       Cheltenham Town 5.       Kidderminster Harriers 6.       Wealdstone 7.       Bath City 8.       Yeovil Town 9.       Worcester City 10.   Tamworth 11.   Atherstone United 12.   Bridgnorth Town 13.   Willenhall