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Do you remember the first time - by Chairman Mao

So do you remember the first time? Was it how you imagined? I remember all my friends in school talking about it. A few of them boasting that they’d already undertaken this rite of passage but were they lying? I was twelve years old when I finally did it and travelled to an away game solo. It was always going to be Barry Town. Our closest rivals and of course our derby match. Jenner Park was a hostile place back in those days. It was the era of youth tribes of course so you had to belong to one of them. The Trefechan lads had already adopted the skinhead look as the two-tone movement spearheaded by The Specials swept across the country. Tuesday night at the youth club, if it wasn’t closed because of fighting, was spent around the single turntable record player trying to get your vinyl played. Did you get the older lads’ approval or was your choice of music laughed out of the hall? Being a member of one youth group attracted the attention of other groups of course, by th