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Phil Howells writes ...

THE TIMES THEY ARE A'CHANGING or HOW CAN A POOR MAN STAND SUCH TIMES AND LIVE? The ramblings of former journalist, former civil servant and playboy PHIL HOWELLS, who wishes to remain anonymous. ANOTHER Day In Paradise or Dead And Gone? The former a hit for Phil Collins (did anybody like him?) and the latter an entrant in the US Billboard charts before its official release by someone called TI (I never heard of it or him either). Well, those ditties could sum up Merthyr Tydfil Football Club over the 20 years since Dial M For Merthyr first came into the world, brash and informative, full of forthright opinions and criticisms but never libellous ( I hope). Martyrs fans were always looking to a glorious future although the vision seemed more than just rose-tinted but this year the club could have been Dead and Gone! As it is, we face a long battle to achieve security but there is a definite pulse there. We hope that progress can be made just as Dial M matured over the years and becam

Dial M For Merthyr - then and now

1989 Dial M for Merthyr Curtain Hair. Flared C17 Jeans Polo by Ralph Lauren after shave (even though we didn't shave ;-) Away in the car (an escort) Being skinny Wales away in Germany (pack your head bag mun!) Swansea in the cup The Weegies down for a game of football The Stone Roses Egg fried rice from Jen Chang, bottom of town Brecon Road wars Armani t-shirt Beanie hats The film Platoon Word of mouth Drinking in the Belle and onto Koolers Spain with the lads ZX Spectrum A tattered copy of Catcher in the Rye Dance music all night long YSL brown chord jacket Being young Adidad Gazelle trainies... 2009 Dial M for Merthyr Greying hair Diesel jeans Mortgages Kasabian Penguin polo tops Waltzing with Bashir The internet Getting chunky Drinking in the Anchor France with the wife Wine bars in Soho A red label Levi coat Mac Book Galette with Langoustine Veloute from the Ivy Glasvegas A pristine copy of The White Tiger Adidas Gazelles...It's good to know some things will never chang