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Merthyr Town FC – The first anarchist sports club in Wales - by Chairman Mao

There’s a contradiction in how our club is currently being governed. On the one hand we have Board members calling their own press conference disguised as a so-called Special General Meeting to confirm their mass resignations and on the other we have the club continuing to operate with Christmas parties, charity collections and even a Soup Kitchen showing that despite the lack of formal leadership at Merthyr Town FC we are probably more united and are engaging with the wider football community more than at any time in recent history. Match day at  Penydarren  Park relies on a regular team of volunteers who ensure that we  can continue our love affair with our heroes in black & white. Their contribution to the Martyrs cannot be underestimated with turnstiles manned, programme production & sales, 50/50 tickets sales and of course stray footballs found on the tundra of the Theatre End plateau. This group seem to be working successfully as an independent unit from the Board. T

Values by Wandering

Everyone was relieved when the credits finally rolled at the culmination of last season. Similar to reaching the end of a traumatic biopic, it took a while for everyone who holds the club in esteem to absorb the problems that the Club faced. Had the trigger been pulled to spiral the Club towards the end game button? Well not quite, because our supporters are made of sterner stuff as the debate bubbled and frothed. It seemed in retrospect to re-energize the club’s fan base. Increasingly as last season progressed, we witnessed the teams work ethic under Gavin’s leadership, their commitment and what the ‘values’ that existed at the club mean to everyone. All the supporters spoke of their ‘loyalty’ which confirmed the players integrity during the final 6 traumatic months of last season. It became increasingly difficult for Gavin and Dean to implement their ‘philosophy’ as the players wages were cut, through no fault of the management or team. After being reformed in 2010 and gainin

POLAND by the President

Berliner Pilsner, Snickers, shit train journeys, depressing towns, miserable aggressive coppers with guns, Grizzly bears, snoring, McDonalds and more snickers The Poland Trip Sunday had finally arrived. All that waiting seemed to take an eternity, especially the last two weeks. Myself and Billy the Fish (BTF) decided to meet up slightly earlier than planned to enjoy a couple of liveners around town prior to meeting the rest of the boys in the Baili Glas, Afershave Hill, CF48. On arrival at 9.30pm we were the first there and "pussies" seemed like the perfect adjective to describe everyone else. Two minutes later and Dai and Mopp steam in looking exited. We are finally joined by the rest of the "Polish train mob" which consisted of Wingy, Rob the bomb (RTB), Hulby and the Brown Baron. The trip had already taken a major setback the previous week as Typey was forced to withdraw with a broken limb. In fact it was that man himself who, as usual, had tirelessly arrange