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Dial M For Merthyr #48 hits the terraces

So it’s been 5 years since the last issue of Dial M For Merthyr, to be fair they’ve probably been the most turbulent at Penydarren Park since we started playing the round ball game at the end of Park Terrace. When you last read your favourite (and only) Merthyr fanzine we are in the final throes of the previous regime and their desperate attempts to get the supporters to fund more madness in the name of Merthyr Tydfil FC. The well had run dry. The chickens had come home to roost. The fat lady was singing. So in stepped the Trust to protect the club from itself. We’re still the only set of supporters in the UK that has placed its own club into administration. A bold move but ultimately an expensive one. Did we have a plan? Yes. Did we know how things would develop? Probably not but we had the determination and the support to move things forward away. The public meetings at the Penydarren Club were always well attended and the support & belief of those supporters was

Open letter to Merthyr Town Supporters

An Open Letter To Merthyr Town Football Supporters – a message from your wives, girlfriends, husbands, boyfriends and families. We understand.   Monday is a big, big day.     Some of us – and I especially include myself here - don’t get football, don’t understand the offside rule, don’t know what leagues Merthyr, Swansea, or even Manchester United are in.   We’ve watched with gently mocking bemusement over the years as you meet the end of season with a either a deep and often unshakable depression or manic glee. But we understand - Monday is a big, big day.   Here’s the thing though.   It’s not just a big day for the supporters and the team.   Over recent years we’ve travelled with you on this rollercoaster.   We were there in the early days when you had no real stake in the club and watched helplessly at the unfolding results.   We held our collective breath when you took the first tentative steps toward independence, challenging self-interest and incompetence – never waver