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Issue 13 and a half online

This is like your Birthday, Christmas and the day you lost your virginity all rolled into one. Here's Issues 13 and a half, 14, 15 and 16 all in one post. ALL FOR FREE.... Whoo Hooo!!!!

Interested in fanzines?

Dial M For Merthyr continues to receive the best titles of the fanzine world and if you fancy a sample read of our colleagues in the zine world then why not pick up a free copy of an issue in the club shop from the Tiverton match on 27th January. We currently have the latest issues of; When Saturday Comes, the half-decent football magazine Leyton Orientear - Leyton Orient The Thin Blue Line - Cardiff City The Popular Stand - Doncaster Rovers A Load of Bull - Wolverhampton Wanderers The City Gent - Bradford City The next issue of Dial M For Merthyr is in the production stage.

A Letter from America

The San Fransisco Martyr contacted Dial M today with some great moments of past Martyr magic. Take it away Spic......... So here’s my list of the top 10 Merthyr games that I have attended. Some choices are obvious, others a little more esoteric, but all are games that have stuck in my head for various reasons. I make no apologies that the bulk of the games are drawn from the late 1980s and early 1990s. This of course, is because I later became an expat and martyr fan in exile. Coincidentally we got crap again around this point in time as well….. 1. Merthyr vs Atalanta Won 2-1 European Cup Winners Cup, 1987 The obvious choice – the Sgt Pepper of the survey. The strangest thing about this game isn’t that we beat a top draw Italian side containing the majestic, Swedish footballer of the year Glenn Stromberg. The strange thing is that it didn’t seem like a surprise to me. For a week Merthyr was the centre of the universe. Ceri Williams was on St and Greavsie tarmaccing (check THAT o

Time for (climate) change

Dial M For Merthyr believes its time for the current club to follow the lead of the pioneers of 1908 and consider a change of sport at Penydarren Park. A bold move maybe, but with the current cold weather becoming normal for this time of year its becoming increasingly obvious that other forms of entertainment are needed at PP to keep the turnstiles turning and the bank account healthy. Our solution? Schedule all matches away for January. Hire the local fire brigade to take a few thousand gallons of water from the Taff, after carefully extracting any neglected shopping trolleys, and flood Penydarren Park. Allow mother nature to do her work. Ice. Its so obvious really, we welcome the birth of the town’s new ice hockey team. We just need a snappy name now. The Merthyr White Socks anyone? Wolvesy

Dial M For Merthyr Tours Coming Soon!

The Tourist Trap Dial M for Merthyr is happy to finally release the news that Historical Tours around Merthyr will begin in the close season (no, not annually in October) so from May onwards tourists will be able to discover the hidden relationship between Merthyr Tydfil Football Club and its immediate surroundings. Tours will start from the famous "Dai Martin" Gates at Penydarren Park with a designated guide allocated to each group, training in spin & propaganda has been undertaken by Dial M for Merthyr volunteers and already we have an expert at hand to guide the innocent visitors around our fair borough, unfortunately his name is Hulby but no matter the size of the party they'll be able to hear his wise words as they wander the avenues and boulevards of the Pearl of the Valleys, in fact they'll be able to follow the script in Thomastown with a decent westerly breeze. But what's the tour entail I hear you ask? It'll be an audacious journey through the hi

Sheppy New Year from the fanzine team

And to celebrate here are two of Suntan Sammy's best poems from Issue 46; Craig Stiens, your lorry is white and mean, just like the team, Llandarcy you get seen - or sometimes, even Tonna Keddle, When you back pedal, Don't let that winger, meddle, with the ball Next Issue out in early February if we get enough articles, keep on keepin' on!