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A season to celebrate

The current season won’t exactly live long in the memory. I’m not exactly expecting to sit down and tell my grandkids about the 2019/2020 season in the future although it’s probably  an average campaign for us really. Mid table safety and another reminder that we should probably save the entry fee for the FA Cup and save us all the bother.  It’s been a season so bereft of excitement that  it’s only the promise of cob & chips that  gets me through the turnstiles most weeks.  Yet still we go every other Saturday, very much martyrs to the cause, and of course we know that next season will be different, we just need to have faith and buy that early-bird season ticket.  I’m here to tell you to have that conviction and to prepare for a season of anniversaries and celebration as we stride confidently into the unchartered waters of the 2020/21 season. Next season will definitely be the one ; a promotion campaign and a FA Cup third round tie  beckons because we’ll be so busy reveling  in