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No more heroes by Chairman Mao

We had a General Election on 12 th December in the UK and I’m sure we all sat up late into the night for the exciting conclusion to the vote in the Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney constituency; could the Labour Party defy the odds and make it 119 years in a row? The central issue for the election was of course Brexit and a possible solution to the continued paralysis of government in London. There are too many consequences of leaving the EU to list here but this is a football fanzine so how could it affect us? We’re not sure that anyone really understands the current “Good Deal” offered by Johnson as an alternative to the catastrophic “No Deal” solution that was also threatened by the ERG fundamentalists and their mates in Brexit Party Ltd. but there will be consequences for professional sport and everyone will be affected in the short term as the numerous trade deals are negotiated over the next couple of years. Merthyr Town FC has of course benefitted directly from EU funding f

Celf Crys Cymru review

Russell Todd (@llannerch), founder of the Wales football podcast Podcast Pêl-droed, reviews the recent Celf Crys Cymru / Art Of The Wales Shirt exhibition at St Fagans. Wales qualified for a second successive Euros last month with a feast of footballing panache, resilience and - rarely for us lot - little drama with successive 2-0 wins over Azerbaijan and Hungary. But with that succulent feast came the perfect side order as for a week either side of that double-header the St Fagans National Museum of History in Cardiff, hosted the Celf Crys Cymru / Art Of The Wales Shirt exhibition. I was fortunate to be invited to the official opening as well as the FC Cymru live event at which the likes of Ian Walsh, David Giles, Natasha Harding, Robert Earnshaw and Joe Ledley reminisced about their memories of wearing the dragon. The exhibition was quite a simple affair, but therein lied its strength. Upon entering the newly redesigned spacious entrance at the Museum - recen

MERTHYR SHE WROTE by Chairman Mao from around 2003

So I'm standing outside the Main Gates at Worcester City when Miss Marple gets out of a taxi, she's short of the fare, well it's ridiculously expensive in England, she obviously doesn't know the taxi chat ("Working late drive?" or Busy in town tonight?") so I step over and hand out some arian and pretty soon she's through customs and into the crime scene. Worcester have stolen a point and I want it recorded for the record. Worcester is not really a favourite destination for the Dial M For Merthys entourage, we were and still are innocent ! For me, it's an awkward trip - it's neither here nor there, it's a half day off work and a mad rush to Merthyr for the fast car over the border. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to your pilot; The Brown Baron. Now, Mr. Brown loves a burger, and especially a burger from Dowlais Top so almost sixty minutes after leaving the Baili Glas we've travelled less than two miles, but soon it's