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A Martyr in LA by Jammy

What? Wales playing in LA?   A part of me thought “oh no”.   I had already committed to going to China and thought that would be my only big trip of 2018 but I’ve never been to America.   A few of the boys did their usual “Yes I’m all over that” but when it came down to it I expected the inevitable fact that I’d be going on me todd.   The boys love to tease though, more than those girls behind the bay windows in Hamburg. The first thing to sort out after flight and hotel was the ESTA visa.   Now this was a fairly straight forward and cheap process compared to the rigmarole of a Chinese visa, and probably something we are all likely to have to get used to post-Brexit.  I say likely because who knows what’s going to happen with that but that’s as political as I’ll get here. So my journey to Gatwick began. First by train then a night in a Travelodge before my 6am flight.   I flew with Norwegian Air and got a cheap flight.   Norwegian are an airline I’d recommend but they seem to h