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Issue 59 review

Here’s a review if the latest issue.

And number 1 is Tommy Hutch….

Whilst spending 10 minutes at my work desk trawling through the usual bilge on twitter, hidden amongst the 144 characters from Welsh Independents, Anti Brexit and NFL posts, the picture below popped up. Rob Haggert (one of Twitters funniest local posters - @FaggotsnPeas ) had responded to a post from a Manchester United blogger. Tommy Hutchison is a Merthyr terrace legend. He played for the club in the Conference from 1991 – 1994, playing at PP until he was 46. His 73 appearances for the Martyrs somehow only netted 2 goals, neither of which I can remember, but it was his ability to setup chances and bamboozle full backs that gave his such cult status on The Wank Bank. That’s right Tommy was 46 and was probably the best player at the club. On his day (like an appearance versus Colchester United in the FA Trophy) he was imperious and majestic, but when you look at Tommy’s illustrious career, nowhere do you see the seventeen times Scottish international ever played for The Red Dev

To Buda/Pest By the Re-tired Sec

Well after a long final season it was off on the trail of international glory with our country.   I missed Croatia as I was in Benidorm on the Merthyr Cafu’s stag.   The less said about my drinking in Benidorm the better, I think I spent more asleep than I was awake, and it was another of those “how did I come home in one-piece trips.” I arrived in Budapest 24 hours before the rest of the Merthyr party. I was given strict instructions by our diplomatic ambassador “aka Minty” to do some early reconnaissance to find cheap bars before the invaders arrived.   However I decided if I wanted to see the sights in Budapest I needed to do it before that lot showed up as the only thing I’d see from that moment on is the bottom of a glass.   So Monday morning I had a wander around the beautiful city of Budapest.   Now it had been described to me as the Amsterdam of the East, with plenty of cheap bars and one or two sex shops, but not so much drugs.   I stayed out of them of course as I’m sure