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Manifesto for Welsh Government by Chairman Mao

Congratulations to the  Labour  Party for winning the Senedd elections but how can their fresh mandate help the Martyrs?   Many of those  AS representatives, including Dawn Bowden, are also members of the Co-operative Party so  would be expected to  understand the challenges of running a community enterprise.   The additional trials of running a community-owned football club in a sustainable manner  whilst matching its  fans expectations for s uccess also need to be recognized if our model of good governance and transparent finances is to set the standard for the future of football in Wales.   Merthyr Town FC and it ’ s  principle  stakeholders, the fans, have set ambitious targets to be  a  hub of the football community  across the central Valleys.    The most immediate concern for Merthyr Town fans is when can we return to the terraces at  Penydarren Park?    Our elected directors made a controversial and ultimately correct decision to suspend our participation for the current season