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Relax by Mao

If you were to read the many platforms available on the internet from Twitter through to Message Boards via Facebook you will note that in the narrow world of Southern League football Merthyr Town and more importantly its fans are viewed almost like the round-ball version of Marmite. People either love us or sadly hate us. Why do we polarise opinion so much when all we want is to be loved?   The initial reason must be that, like what seems to be the majority of the UK electorate, people love to believe negative publicity and Merthyr Tydfil as a town has certainly received more than our fair share of criticism over recent years. It seems that our brave town is the one stop for broadcasters and journalists when a vision of broken Britain is required. Merthyr Tydfil was one of the first truly industrial towns and so the subsequent demise of steel and coal production was always going to cause both social and economic issues across the whole community. We all know Merthyr as a vibrant tow