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Fight the Good Fight

If anyone is in doubt why we have to put every effort into sorting out the financial problems at the club you should take a look at these two videos; Firstly, UEFA awarded the club its Grassroots Club of the Year in 2015 UEFA 2015 - Grassroots Club of the Year Video and here is FIFA's focus on Merthyr Town FC, filmed only a few weeks ago. I've posted these here to show the diversity of our club and also to give a little understanding of how the club is a little different to many Non League clubs. The club has changed itself in the past 7 years and the former board struggled with many aspects of the transformation. These struggles find us in our current precarious position. The Club is at a crossroads where the next few weeks could see the Martyrs implode due to the pressing tax demands, or the new board can galvanise the supporters and its partners to complete the vision of creating the finest community club in Europe. We must continue to 'Fight the Good Fi

Park View Martyrs – a philosophy by Chairman Mao

The Park View Martyrs, aka PVM, is a group of like-minded Merthyr Town FC supporters who use the Park View public house on Brecon Road in Merthyr Tydfil as a base. The pub was used by Merthyr Town supporters generally whilst the  Candac  Bar at the ground was  being transformed into Webley’s Bar. The welcome from the landlord  Mansel  in those exiled days was so good though that many fans decided to continue to use the pub on match-days especially as the new sports bar at  Penydarren  Park did not live up to  everyone’s expectations.  So why stay at the Park View? The probable answer is the atmosphere. It’s a small pub so on a match-day it’s usually  packed with Merthyr Town fans, enjoying the cheap beer and of course listening to some great tunes on the famous jukebox. In  short  it’s everything that Webley’s was supposed to be and isn’t. There is a sense of ownership now by a lot of loyal Martyrs fans and a definite feeling of pride for the work being undertaken from this modest

Financial deja-vu by Carol Vorderman

So  what do we know of the current crisis at  Penydarren  Park? Not a lot  really  as  the current B oard still remain silent on the financial reality at Merthyr Town FC – we’re owned by the fans by the way so it’s even more frustrating. We've had a further 4  directors  resign  this week which makes 9 in twelve months, it ’s hard to keep tally so I may be wrong there but  I’m sure we’ll have 4 more friendly faces co-opted to agree w ith the Chairman very soon. Any debts  though  will surely be  due to the  simple  failure to tackle the issue of no income but increa sed costs (mostly due to staff) at the amazing new facility.  We’ve covered the lack of fan engagement many times so why bother again? But a re we really employing someone to set up events such as Bands at the ground when our town has more musical talent than at any time in our history? The staffing levels  at Merthyr Town  will surely be reviewed now which although long overdue will be a shame as there