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Great Expectations by Guardy

I’m probably being a bit harsh with the title, as at the beginning of the 2022/23 I would have taken a mid table spot. Unfortunately, due to this new manager in charge, a certain Mr Paul Michael, he has definitely changed supporters expectations, and not making the play offs seemed strangely disappointing. Something I don’t think any of us were thinking about in August 2022. I’ll let you into a little secret, after the year when the club mothballed due to the pandemic, I was thinking of jacking it in. The message came from nowhere, and as an owner, at the time I was really narked that no one had given me the chance to have a say, what is the point of being an owner? Looking back, it was obviously the right decision, at the time being stuck in, no pubs open and Pingus zoom quizzes had an adverse impact on my mental health, and looking forward to watching a bit of football was a light at the end of the tunnel. So, no football for a few months, well albeit there are some international gam

Hooked by The Wandering Martyr

The recent resurgence of the club has attracted over two hundred Under 16’s who attend on a regular basis and have become part of the massively important match-day atmosphere generated by the CTM stand.   An important part of our community engagement programme is to engage with grass-roots clubs and local schools, who benefit from complimentary match-day tickets. The look on the faces of the young children as they cautiously push their way through the turnstiles, many for the very first time, walk down the Lyn Jones Grandstand spectator tunnel and see the vastness of the stadium that brings joy and a wide smile to their face is just worth the time and effort to try to engage with our potential fans of tomorrow.   Most will have persuaded their parents to take them after proudly bringing the laminated complimentary ‘golden’ ticket home with them. They may have noticed the mention of the team we are playing and if they have nothing planned for the family that Saturday perhaps a p