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Watch the Bluebirds Fly

Congratulations to Nick and the lads from Watch the Bluebirds Fly Fanzine - 20 years and still going, the current issue (No. 65) is a return to form for the Abercynon based publication. Now available on the terraces at Ninian Park.

Issue 47 - Thank You

Thanks to everyone who bought a fanzine today, it was great to see that Dial M For Merthyr remains a favourite amongst the supporters. So far we have raised £58.50 through the first day of sales, this profit will go towards the Players Travel Fund. If anyone missed a copy of Issue 47 today, please contact us either via forum or via On that subject, don't forget that the Trust is hosting a Quiz at the Cefn Club on Thursday 19th March starting at 7.30pm. All profits from this event will also go into the Players Travel Fund.

Dial M - Issue 47

Staggering news - we said there would be no more Dial Ms in print, but as usual we couldn't resist once more day in the sun. Issue 47 goes on sale outside Penydarren Park before tomorrow's Merthyr game versus Brackley. Price 50p.

Svengali Episode II Dial M's Jon Owen stars as Dixie in the second episode of Svengali. Keep an eye out for Guardy who makes his acting debut. His texting in the pub scene is remeniscent of a young Al Pacino. Big things are expected of Guardy in the future.

A tribute to Frankie in Issue 30

At the pantheon that is Penydarren Park, Frank is this Martyr's nonpareil, As the faces changed, The destination changed, but Frank still remained, true, Season after season, Frank was at the fore, The sonorous terrace of Wales's greatest team, respectful even more, From fullback through to trainer, and all round cool cat, The Wank Bank will always salute, the true hero of Merthyr's proletariat

The Purple Elephant recalls the halcyon days in Issue 29

My favourite team is Merthyr They play in black & white They're in the Dr. Martens League This year they're pretty shite They've won the Welsh Cup three times and big crowds went to see They used to be quite good before Their best? Division Three! They don't win enough these days but it doesn't bother me I'll always love the Martyrs more than Linda Lusardi

Purple Elephant says that he loves Merthyr

I love you Merthyr, I love you more than the tides love the moon, Or Mickey loves Minnie and Pooh loves honey, I love your big green pitch and your grey concrete lumps, And your cool black and white strip, But no matter how green your pitch, How grey your concrete lumps, How cool your black and white strip, It's you that I love, When I saw you standing there, Me, Thirteen, You, Forty One, Smiling at me, I had come out of Strikers and you were just shining, A naked soul shining, And I knew I would just die if I didn't spend the rest of my life with you.

Suntan Sammy poem 2

Poretta, You weren't too clever, But don't fret(ta), Now you're better

Suntan Sammy poem 1

Sam Bowen, We're glad you're going, You're not as good as Cohen, or even Jason Bowen