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Away matches? What to do on 30th August?

So the Martyrs continue their travels over the border by completing the Oxbridge double in Marston, but if you can’t face the trek across the lowlands to the A40 then why not try the following whilst you receive those texts from the hardy souls in Oxon; A visit to Treharris is always enjoyable, there’s a few pubs around the town centre but my favourite is the Quakers down in Quakers Yard, get the X78 down the valley or even the mighty Arriva special to Quakers Yard South, and enjoy a pint before the hike up the hill to the Athletic Ground. This weekend they entertain West End from Swansea, the West Wales outfit are continuing to progress in the Welsh pyramid so it will be interesting to see how our near neighbours deal with their visit. As for entertainment, you could be lucky and find a ticket for the closing performances of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff, always enjoyed that film mainly due to Lionel Jefferies character. Remember to keep the phone on sile

Salisbury Bus Trip 2003

Dial M ran a free bus for the Junior Martyrs at the end of the 2003 season. Little Dai brought a cylinder of helium to fill the hundreds of balloons we took. Many beers led to the Dai Pest and Wingnut bursting into song. Hilarious.

Kaos Korner

Jarge was distraught as Daddy told him that as a punishment for uttering the words Barry and Town, he would be taken to watch The Martyrs that afternoon.

Poll news

Unsurprisingly Hing Hongs was voted the best chinesse in Merthyr ever from our latest poll. Sadly Bongs is no more. It was the spiritual last stop off on a succesful Dial M night out.

Professor Plum’s Book Review

John Charles Gentle Giant Mario Risoli (Mainstream Publishing) Mario Risoli has covered the life & career of John Charles in some detail for this biography, what will be of interest to Merthyr fans though will be the chapter dedicated to the great man’s tenure at Penydarren Park in the early 70s. The fact that Mario has taken the time to cover this chapter of his life is to Mario’s credit as usually his time at Merthyr is often mentioned as a mere afterthought at the end of his Cardiff era. The book is well written and charters John’s rise from Cwmbwrla Park to be the greatest players ever produced by Wales. The book details his early days at Swansea Town, his transfer to Leeds United and his subsequent move to Turin where he is still regarded as a god by the tifosi. His tussles to be released for Wales matches are uncovered, the reluctance of Juventus to allow their star man to travel back to Wales only enabled John to gain 38 caps despite a 13 year career. But for me, it was the

They played for Merthyr Town

The second of a series of portraits of players who graced the turf at Penydarren Park back in our distant Football League days, we follow our homage to Samuel “Sonny” Gibbons in Issue 41 by looking at the enigma that was Patrick (Paddy) Moore (1909-1951); The interesting story of Paddy Moore came to light when I was trawling through the Football League records of Merthyr Town players, I was intrigued by his 10 international caps, but this time not for Wales, but with both Eire (9) and Northern Ireland (1). I was hoping that the player had been capped by his country whilst playing for Merthyr Town, further research revealed that his time at Penydarren Park was a nightmare and his international career must have seemed a distant dream but Paddy Moore was to go onto carve a niche in the history of Irish football. Patrick Moore was born in Ballybough in 1909. His first noted club was Richmond Rovers (probably in Dublin), he soon joined Shamrock Rovers making his debut on 3rd May 1929 in a L

Away matches? What to do?

What is a Martyr to do when the lads are off in foreign climes? 23rd August Mmm, a conundrum. DMFM recommends visiting the Willows to take in Troedyrhiw's match against Seven Sisters. Travel to the capital village of the Plymouth Ward is easy, try either a 81 bus from stand 10 of Merthyr Bus Emporium or even risk the Arriva train from Merthyr Central to Troedyrhiw General, en route to the stadium why not sample a beer or two in the Ex-servicemans Club? A proper workingmens club serving good beer at affordable prices, post-match munchies could be sated at the Pak Ho chip shop on the square before heading north back to Merthyr to celebrate that win at Cambridge. For those of a more cultural persuasion we recommend heading west to Jackland to see the Ray Cooney farce “Run for your Wife” at the Grand Theatre. There’s nothing like a good farce after all. For those of you just fancy a few beers why not head to the Mumbles & Swansea Bay Beer Festival running at the Brangwyn Hall, Swan

And we won? 2004

Working on a Saturday. Deadlines to be met. Texts coming through on the mobile from the lads, excited, it’s one of the highlights of the season. Twerpton Park and Bath City await. Frantic phone calls ensue. Favours are called in. Work sorted. Released. Sprint down to Cardiff Central. Leap from toe to toe as I work my way slowly through the ticket barriers, platform 6 for the Valleys, yeah I know. First train to Radyr? Treherbert. A Rhondda train, should I risk it? I push through the Primark bag laden shoppers and secure a seat. I’m on my way. The train pulls into Cardiff Queen Street as I try to recall the last time we won at Twerpton, now my memory isn’t the best when it comes to the Martyrs, in fact I can’t remember the last time we won at PP, but it must be a few years ago but why does the trip appeal to so many of us? I think it’s because Twerpton Park seems like a big ground, there’s an away end in which to pretend that we’re still a major force in non-league football, their clubh

So you’re hungry? 2005

In response to a few e-mails from visiting fans with regard to spending the weekend in the Pearl of the Valleys and having a meal out to celebrate getting three points at PP, here’s a DMFM recommended eating guide for Merthyr Tydfil; Bwyty Arbennig, High Street, Cefn Coed Y Cymer Aberglais Inn, Pontsarn Nant Ddu Lodge, A470 Anne’s Pantry, Lower High Street, Merthyr Tydfil Chaplins, Lower High Street, Merthyr Tydfil Red Cow, Pontsticill Bessemer, Dowlais Hing Hongs Restaurant, Upper High Street, Merthyr Tydfil Balti Walla Restaurant, Upper High Street, Merthyr Tydfil Sam’s, High Street, Cefn Coed Y Cymer Bon appetit! Delboy Smith This article is only two years old, but look at the number of these establisments which are now closed. The economic slow down is certainly having it's effect. Even our beloved Bongs is no more. Life sucks.

The shortest ever season

It was quiet apt that the new Dial M for Merthyr Webzine went live to the world yesterday, on the day news broke that our beloved club (lets be honest we now feel as close to the club as we would be to a Barry Town supporting step son) were served a winding up order. This is about the millionth time our club has faced closure since Dial M has been in print. Groundhog day Martyr fashion. Lots of Merthyr fans are up in arms about the whole affairs, but here at Dial M towers we have the feeling of optimism and hope in our hearts. Stan’s period of ownership has seen crowds dwindle from 1000 plus for home games to crowds regularly under 200. Lets be honest you never believe the official crowd and a short game of count the crowd from the ‘Colin the Monk’ stand will always net you a sub 200 figure for regular league games. The feeling of apathy that has haunted the club for the last 18 months could take the good ship down. Hopefully the Revenue’s action will spark a breakthrough moment and a

Iberico at PP

So what’s your half-time routine? Do you queue at the Penalty Spot café for the chips lottery? Or do you wait patiently at Terry’s gaff for a tea? Maybe you forsake the last 5 minutes of the half to get that half-time quencher in at Strikers? All wise choices but I say we should go Spanish in our approach to food & drink at Penydarren Park. I’m not sure if it’s a trend across the Iberian peninsular but the Basques in particular take their own food & drink with them to the stadium, be it Bilbao or San Sebastian. I think we should follow suit, it may not be a sheepskin full of Rioja or a choirizo baguette in our duffle bag but why not a bottle of Rhymney Dark or hipflask of Penderyn whiskey to ward off the dark spirits on a wet Tuesday at home to Corby? As for food, what’s the issue? I’d recommend a full Swansea Road picnic. Pasties, pies, crisps, sausage on sticks, just the basics. Instead of that queue or that trudge to Strikers, we should be sitting in discussion groups on the

Global geo-economic pressure and the Terraces of Penydarren Park

It cannot have passed your attention but the world seems to be gripped by a global credit freeze with many economists having to raid each other’s thesaurus to find another word for recession, so how will the economic downturn (oh no I’m doing it now, damn you global media!) affect the Martyrs? What can we do to ride out the credit crunch and reach the golden sands of financial safety? It’s going to be tough, the rise in the price of oil affects us all especially as we reach the “peak-oil” period in the UK (we’ve probably already passed it), our domestic stocks can only diminish so we spend more resources seeking the ever-decreasing stocks around the globe, hello Antarctica!! The hike in oil prices causes an effect felt through transport to the very commodities in those Eddie Stobart lorries criss-crossing the country, we have to become self-sufficient at Penydarren Park. So allow me to confirm stage one in the Dial M For Merthyr New Economic Plan; gather up your forks, shovels and hoes