Away matches? What to do on 30th August?

So the Martyrs continue their travels over the border by completing the Oxbridge double in Marston, but if you can’t face the trek across the lowlands to the A40 then why not try the following whilst you receive those texts from the hardy souls in Oxon;

A visit to Treharris is always enjoyable, there’s a few pubs around the town centre but my favourite is the Quakers down in Quakers Yard, get the X78 down the valley or even the mighty Arriva special to Quakers Yard South, and enjoy a pint before the hike up the hill to the Athletic Ground. This weekend they entertain West End from Swansea, the West Wales outfit are continuing to progress in the Welsh pyramid so it will be interesting to see how our near neighbours deal with their visit.

As for entertainment, you could be lucky and find a ticket for the closing performances of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff, always enjoyed that film mainly due to Lionel Jefferies character. Remember to keep the phone on silent for the matinee performance and don’t leap into the air screaming “Get in” if we get that first away goal of the season. Although I can’t see H from Steps as the Child Catcher, but on the other hand he is from the Rhondda …….

Of course Oxford can be pleasant. Its Saturday. There’s a bus waiting … Richard on 07852 950486 for all your travel requirements could be the call.

But remember whatever you decide …… choose wisely!


Suntan Sammy said…
West End isn't west Wales, wrong side of the Loughour bridge you muppett!!!

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