Dial M For Merthyr - then and now

1989 Dial M for Merthyr

Curtain Hair.

Flared C17 Jeans

Polo by Ralph Lauren after shave (even though we didn't shave ;-)

Away in the car (an escort)

Being skinny

Wales away in Germany (pack your head bag mun!)

Swansea in the cup

The Weegies down for a game of football

The Stone Roses

Egg fried rice from Jen Chang, bottom of town

Brecon Road wars

Armani t-shirt

Beanie hats

The film Platoon

Word of mouth

Drinking in the Belle and onto Koolers

Spain with the lads

ZX Spectrum

A tattered copy of Catcher in the Rye

Dance music all night long

YSL brown chord jacket

Being young

Adidad Gazelle trainies...

2009 Dial M for Merthyr

Greying hair

Diesel jeans



Penguin polo tops

Waltzing with Bashir

The internet

Getting chunky

Drinking in the Anchor

France with the wife

Wine bars in Soho

A red label Levi coat

Mac Book

Galette with Langoustine Veloute from the Ivy


A pristine copy of The White Tiger

Adidas Gazelles...It's good to know some things will never change..;-)


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