The Art of using a substitute by The Roving Sheep - from issue 53

Being the football connoisseurs that we are at Dial M for Merthyr and fans of the beautiful game  we have seen some interesting use of substitutes in recent seasons following the Martyrs on our quest for champions league football
We have even seen players subbed after 20 minutes this season and of course many of us have even seen subs being er......subbed.  Thankfully on our recent trip to St Neots the gaffa got it right and 10 minutes into the second half with Merthyr losing 2-1 Gavin brought on three players which had an immediate impact and totally changed the game, Tancock, Prosser, and Jenkins making way for Bull, Klopp and Patten. Straightaway the impact was evident and saw Merthyr taking the game to the hosts, absolute scenes at the end as we snatched two late goals to grab a 2-3 away win. The hosts seems to like the you've only got one song as we urged the lads forward in regards to our obligatory "C'mon Merthyr " chant. But as the ref blew the final whistle it more of a case "at least we got three subs, three subs at least we got three subs". Ironically few months back just down the road at Biggleswade a poor disjointed first half saw a re galvanised Merthyr also make half time changes and smash a few past the Waders.

So in the Beautiful game there can be no doubt that the influence of a substitute is alive and well and whilst things change around us that classic "get him off"  "ffs makes some subs now" will still be shouted at managers up and down the country and amen to that.


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