The “Transbore” deadline day by Newbie - Issue 53

The 31st January is known for 2 deadlines, your Self Assessment Tax Return if you are rich, or the winter transfer window deadline. Well another January 31st has passed, and Sky Sports News have once again embarrassed themselves’ and tried to squeeze every last drop out of their failing transfer deadline day.

In the past there has been great “excitement” on transfer deadline. Berbatov left Spurs for United, and who can forget Robinho signing for Manchester City. Robinho of course unforgettably thought he was signing for Manchester United, not realising there were 2 teams in Manchester as the “noisy neighbours” started to flex their financial muscles.

Sky have well and truly flogged this horse to death. There used to be a time when their intrepid reporters used to hang outside the ground with supporters in the background cheering. But that had to change when the bad language was repeated up and down the country, ruining Jim White’s special day. The energetic Jim White is on the brink of orgasm throughout his spell as he hams it up as much as he can to try and convince us to be as excited as he is. White will have you believe he has his spies everywhere as he promises to bring us “exclusive news” and “late drama”. The reality is he knows nothing. He has a lady sat next to him who does little than play up to White’s ego and paying homage to the “transfer deadline king”. Kate Abdo could see that being sat next to White was a waste of her talent and fled to the US to break away from the mediocrity and the sense of disappointment that flows from the programme.

The big boys rarely leave it late, and it is only those desperate for bodies that bring in 3rd rate players as they panic about the poor quality of the squad.

Jim & Sky, sorry to break it to you. You are not the solution to the problems in football you are the cause. Your programme is a metaphor of the disease that you have spread. You have taken away the live match day experience from fans up and down the country serving us the insight of Neville & Carragher, and replaced it with the artificial mediocrity of the EPL as you drain the life from the game. Football has sold its soul for your money, and I fear it is too late to save the game I love. Sky Sports, enemy of football, please give me back my game.


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