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In a few years time when people turn around and say "remember when we went down to Barry in March '98 and showed them who was best", I will turn around and say "I know, 'cos I was there!" And judging by the size of the Merthyr crowd that night, so will everyone else!"
Not since our Welsh Cup and European adventures have I seen such passion and fanatical support given to the team. We had waited weeks for the game, and it certainly was to live up to all expectations.
The scene was set…. Hundred's of Martyrs, black and white everywhere, flags blowing in the wind, our voices at fever pitch. God I love this team!
However, the home fans did not see it that way, and feeling totally swamped by the events which were surrounding them, decided to begin throwing bottles, cans and several other objects in our direction. We must have appeared a fanatical bunch. The roles has been reversed, suddenly Barry were no longer the invincible force they proclaimed to be. The throwing of the missiles illustrated their inferiority complex. They were out of their depth on their own patch!
Such an atmosphere would not be found in any League of Wales game for the next twenty years. At last Barry had net a bigger fish, and it was awaiting their pleasure.
The game kicked off, and as expected Barry began to knock the ball about, in an attempt to stretch our formation. However, we did not oblidge, as they soon found out. Barry were nothing more than a pretty side, who enjoy show-boating in a mickey-mouse league. We were to prove a far more potent proposition, one which they could not break down.
Soon their play became so predictable, it was sad to watch. Their tactics were thus… a ball to the wing, where Ryan would try his same boring trick in an effort to get in his cross. It obviously works in the League of Wales, but sadly, not against us! The major reason for this came in the shape of Barnhouse, Wigley, Abraham and O'Brien. Unfortunately, the Darren Ryan's of this world only end up in one place against such opposition…. And that's on his arse!
Sad isn't it… and it's even sadder to see Gary Barnett crying to the press that 'we was robbed'. Admittedly, they were reduced to ten men, but remember, we had far the better chances during the period that they had the full eleven. Surely with their superior skill and fitness, the loss of a player should not affect their play.
By whinging to the press, all Gary Barnett is doing is rubbing even more egg on their already eggy faces. Barry had the chance to display their superiority on the field. Are they so arrogant that they believe they are beyond defeat? Surely a more professional attitude is called for. Had we lost, I would have been embarrassed had we conducted ourselves in a similar manner.

When asked if we could now go on and win the competition, Colin Addison replied, "I won't let my players shout their mouths off. Actions speak louder than words." And how right he is.


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