Don’t be deflected By Webley the Fish

So here we go again. Football is evidently considered as low-hanging fruit by our government so once again it’s up to us to ensure that our club gets through another period of empty terraces, no hospitality and absent friends. You don’t need us to tell you that this decision is absurd when we can drink in Roman’s or Webley’s bars at the ground but not outside on our, let’s be honest, sparsely populated terraces but there’s a bigger picture here that has nothing to do with either Delta or Omicron. 
The underlying issue for every Covid restriction to our normal way of live is that we must protect the NHS and its staff from being overwhelmed. This reality underpins every law created in Wales to delay or destroy the virus. A noble aim which everyone will support of course but are we masking the fact that the NHS having been neglected by the Tories for over a decade now is seriously under resourced?
Many would say that the NHS is heading the same way as British Rail. Starved of resources by the government, attacked by their friends in the media and ultimately sold off to the private market for our supposed benefit. 
We will get through this pandemic, it’s going to be a longer journey than many of us wanted or expected but we will survive but surely then we will realise a wider truth, that a social democratic government in every devolved nation must become normal for us. A return to consensus politics where the greater good of the many trumps the collective greed of the few.
The NHS must be returned to the principles of its foundation, free at the point of service and available to all. More importantly we must realise that the NHS project will never stop, it will always need ever greater investment as we live longer (due the NHS of course) and science pushes further to eradicate disease.
We shouldn’t need to protect the NHS but we will. The Tories have never supported the concept of healthcare for all, its an anathema to them and their friends.
None of us can watch the Martyrs at the moment and it’s ridiculous but let’s not be deflected from the fact that Westminster is broken and that politics affects us. Football and politics have to mix otherwise we are helpless to affect decisions made by governments.
Society will need to be rebuilt on the principles of free education for all, to provide the doctors, nurses, scientists and skilled workers for a better tomorrow. Brexit is a disaster and will forever be known as the biggest own goal in UK history, but we can turn this game around but we will need new management to achieve a new Wales.
Kick out the Tories. Don’t settle for the same tired nonsense from politicians. Get involved so we aren’t locked out of our grounds whilst big business continues around us. Keep on, keepin’ on!


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