The shortest ever season

It was quiet apt that the new Dial M for Merthyr Webzine went live to the world yesterday, on the day news broke that our beloved club (lets be honest we now feel as close to the club as we would be to a Barry Town supporting step son) were served a winding up order. This is about the millionth time our club has faced closure since Dial M has been in print. Groundhog day Martyr fashion.

Lots of Merthyr fans are up in arms about the whole affairs, but here at Dial M towers we have the feeling of optimism and hope in our hearts. Stan’s period of ownership has seen crowds dwindle from 1000 plus for home games to crowds regularly under 200. Lets be honest you never believe the official crowd and a short game of count the crowd from the ‘Colin the Monk’ stand will always net you a sub 200 figure for regular league games.

The feeling of apathy that has haunted the club for the last 18 months could take the good ship down. Hopefully the Revenue’s action will spark a breakthrough moment and a change of ownership can be secured. Failing that we could be in a for another year of misery. The court case should reveal the true extent of the problems at PP and with those out in the open, there could be a way of getting the club back into the black and moving it in a positive direction.

Over the summer the directors have created a working group of volunteers that have been working their bums off at the ground, whilst these same directors have known about the winding up order since May. These workers have been duped and their actions have in reality been as effective as moving the deckchairs on the Titanic. They should have entered the season feeling euphoric and enthused, but Saturday’s game could be the one and only home fixture we face.

Some directors are blaming the supporters and the supporters trust for the failings of the club, but if there is little honesty from the club in the extent of it's problems, then how can the supporters help them. There is less than a week left to the high court hearing.

Enjoy the season ahead, however short it could be.
Dr. Obnoxious


Chairman Mao said…
They say that you can tell the extent of global warming by the early sight of swallows arriving on Trecco Bay, but as for the arrival of the football season then it must the news of a crisis at Penydarren Park. They just get earlier and earlier.

The Brackley game should be one to savour. I'm enthused enough to go, a pre-season of anticipation makes way to a season of trepidation. Will we ever have it any other way?
Suntan Sammy said…
The Manics have never come up with a truer song title as 'If you tolerate this...'. LWT, please accept my sincerest apologies for what I may introduce you to from Saturday... Lyn Jones, please forgive me.

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